What's Inside...
1989 FXR
42 degree weld rake
3 degree tree rake

Evolution 80 cu.In. (Stunt Bike, original was stroked)
Bartels' BP40 cam (Discontinued, EV3
($139.00) is the closest in lift and  duration)
S&S Super E carb
Fins machined into a 'V'

Spiro-Pro 8mm silicon plug wires (front wire yellow, rear wire orange)
Kuryakyn laser nodes (orange front, yellow rear)

Unchromed oval-cut 1 1/2 inch drag pipes

Spiro-Pro 8mm silicon plug wires (front wire yellow, rear wire orange)
Kuryakyn laser nodes (orange front, yellow rear)

Front End:
Front Wheel:     Stainless steel spoked, dual disc HD flt hub (#43404-87 updated to                                           
       3404-87A $198.00
Front Tire:          3 X 21 inch Continental tire (
#01189 $58.95)
Front Brakes:   2 X 11 1/2 inch hd rotor (discontinued Screamin' Eagle
Performance Machine 2 Piston calipers (
1220-018 $639.00)
Jaybrake controls (
Russell Steel braided brake lines (FXRP plus 6", dual disc set-up).      
Forks:                   FLT plus 6 inches. They have 4 machined grooves, 2 inches apart on                                    
               each leg. FLT sliders.  Exact specs have been lost by Bartels, but they                                            
can make close to the same thing (
Handlebar:         California Design Superbike drag bar 15 degree, 29" wide (California                                      
      Design is out of business).
Grips:                    Ness (
#07-100 $84.95)                                     

Rear End:
Rear Wheel:       HD Stainless steel spoked hub (#41020-86 $281.00)
Rear Tire:            Metzeler ME880 Marathon 140/90/16 ( ME88 does not come in this size)
Rear Brake:        11 1/2 inch HD Rotor (Discontinued
#91845-85A Screaming Eagle)
Performance Machine 2 piston caliper (
#1268-0052 $419.95)
Russell steel braided brake line        
Suspension:        Handmade 11 1/2 inch length, 1/2 inch diameter steel  struts (moved 2                                  
         inches forward at the frame).   The fender strut mounting portion of                                             the
frame gets amputated.

Feet:                       Left peg stock H-D (originally Jaybrake forward control peg that                                           
        busted in a spill).  Foot shifter, right peg and rear brake, Jaybrake                                                   stock
forward control kit

Seat:                               Don Crager 1/2 inch thinck, 8 inch wide, 13 inch long strip of black                               
                 leather with orange and yellow trim, wrapped around a thin piece of                                             
metal that is velcroed to the 11 inch wide portion of the seat pan.

High low beams (on left) (
Start button (no kill switch) (
Headlight:          HD FXST Headlight (
#67777-80a  $169.00)
Taillight:            Custom Chrome (
#19-647 $11.89 (this is the closest known match))                                   

Rick Doss 2" mirror.

Gas Tank:
Two piece 5 gallon
Dash:                    Custom Chrome (
#26-189 $55.24)

N.B.        If you find errors in this list, which I am sure there are, Please drop me a note.
My only aim of this page is TO pass along the info I have collected and have had                          passed on
to me, I am not an expert and have not even started the transformation                     of my '89 FXRS yet.